Silverdell PLC publish asbestos uses and regulations historic timeline

Download the History of Asbestos Article

Download the History of Asbestos Article

A timeline highlighting the ‘History of Asbestos’, the use of asbestos and asbestos legislation, since the first recorded asbestos-related death in 1906, has been published this week by Silverdell PLC (who major on the management of asbestos and other hazardous materials).   The content is in the form of an infographic and detailed article and is the first time anyone has published an historic timeline on the subject of asbestos in a visual and easily shareable format.

Read the History of Asbestos article here.

Download PDF versions of our infographic – Landscape / Portrait

History of Asbestos Infographic

History of Asbestos Infographic

The infographic and article chart the history of asbestos and although it is not exhaustive, it communicates how asbestos has had such a profound effect on society as a whole, since the worldwide consumption of asbestos began.

Silverdell PLC has captured key dates and events, together with covering information in the form of an article.

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